August 10, 2007

"The days of typical websites are no more, say hello to the digital experience."

Have you heard of web 2.0? It came suddenly in the middle of the night, and even web professionals aren't quite sure what it is. You should know exactly what it is, because it can turn your website from a simple website, into something much, much more.

Web 2.0 means that typical websites are becoming obsolete.

Websites are now more than just online shops, forums, and digital hubs. Websites that create emotions, capture attention, and activate senses in the mind, are creating an experience for visitors. The days of typical websites are no more, say hello to the digital experience.

Good writing creates emotions through words.

Never has the ability to write well had an impact on such a wide population. Having the ability to write well on your website, blog, forum posts, or even your Twitter account, is crucial to your website's success. Your choice of words and your use of proper grammar affects your readers experience when they visit your website.

When you use confident words on your website (such as "achievement," "success," and "strength") you give your visitors a confident, trusting feeling. Whenever visitors return to your website, the same feelings will arise in them. If you used proper grammar and detailed words on your website, you've created an experience for your visitors.

Interactions capture attention and keep it.

Having the ability to interact with a website means a lasting memory of that experience. Websites like Flickr and Get the Glass have created a unique way for someone sitting at home, or at the airport, or at work (shhhh) to have a unique, attention capturing experience.

They distract, in a way, from day-to-day things. If you can create a small game, a chat room, an picture trading form, or something similar for your website - something to capture attention of your visitors - they will be drawn back again and again. Even if it's something as little as an online puzzle, capturing attention for a short while is creating an unforgettable experience.

Activating human senses easily creates experiences.

By using detailed words and images, senses in the human mind will be subtlety activated, helping mold the experience of a website. Websites that use detailed, crisp writing are allowing visitors to create an experience by themselves. Instead of saying "this website is devoted to cookies," try saying "this website is devoted to the warm, fresh, invigorating smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven."

Activating the senses is a great, easy way to create lasting memories for visitors of your website.

Typical, old fashioned, boring websites are diminishing. New websites that make experiences by creating emotions through writing, capturing attention through online interaction, and activate the human senses, are changing the way we see the internet.

If you can do these things for your website, you're well on your way to having a more successful website.

It's Friday once again, which means I won't be back until next Monday with new articles. Thank you for stopping by, come back next week and I'll have some big news for you. Have a great weekend.