August 8, 2007

"Say goodbye to CNN and FOX News. It's time for a better news source: you."

Do you like to be up-to-date on the latest happenings? How about being informed of the latest in technological advancements? Do you like to know what's going on around the world? If you like news, say goodbye to CNN and FOX News. It's time for a better news source: you.

As the internet expands and you and I start to network ourselves across the web through websites like Myspace, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, etc. a unique thing is happening: we're reducing the worth of traditional news media like CNN and Fox News. Major newspapers are slowly, but surely, becoming obsolete.

Professional journalists and reporters are losing their jobs, or scrambling to get a decent story. But the problem with the old news networks is still around, and it will be their downfall within the next few years.

I'm talking about bias and useless news.

How many times have you turned on the television or opened the local newspaper to find reports on practically nothing? Do you know of a TV news station that has an entire ten minute block just for cooking? Cooking? In the news? And what about political debates, the war on Iraq, and terrorist activities? When was the last time you heard a consecutive report on any of those?

Traditional news media networks have lost their touch. And now, you and I are becoming the reporters, the journalists, the big news makers. Through websites like Digg, YouTube, Netscape, Myspace, blogs and other sites, we are creating the news that matters.

Because you and I know what we want to read or watch when it comes to the latest world events. Because you and I aren't sharing news to make money or network ourselves. We're sharing, and discovering, news as it happens because we're curious people. Our opinions won't be biased and we won't hide any part of a good news story.

Instead of reporting on the latest town carnival - as fun and exciting as it may be - we are hearing about deaths in Africa due to violence. We're hearing about the war in Iraq from actual soldiers. We are watching cloning happen. The internet is expanding and the news that is spreading because of bloggers and Diggers and other posters is rapidly becoming the actual source of news for you and me.

News will soon become reported by anyone, for everyone. Obviously there are a lot of problems with that, and sure, a lot of people could try to gain power through online news, but in the end the masses (you and I) will control the media. We will become the media. We are the new journalists. We are the new reporters. And we are the audience.

So, the next time you're interested in hearing the latest happenings around the world, don't turn on your TV. Don't log on to Do a search on Google or YouTube. Find the real story.