October 12, 2007

"We're bringing back the dead, SEO will never die."

So I'm bringing back the dead, why SEO will never die.

Search engines exist, and they work. They work based on what webmasters do and don't do when it comes to design and networking. And, because webmasters are optimizing their websites for search engines, and because roughly 90% of all internet users are using search engines practically every day, search engines aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

As long as there are search engines, there will be people optimizing their websites to work well with the search engines. As long as there is revenue to be made by optimizing websites, people will be optimizing their websites.

Regardless of technologies that might make it easier for search engines to index websites more accurately, or rank websites differently, people will always optimize.

You can hate it, you can pretend like it doesn't exist. But search engine optimization is here to stay. The truth is, search engine optimization will never die. Despite what you may have heard, we're bringing back the dead, SEO will never die.