September 5, 2007

"The internet is not only a valuable resource for networking, it's a necessity to life. Think about it."

How often do you use the internet? Whether you're checking your e-mail, reading the latest news headlines, collaborating, or just chatting with your friends, you are using the internet almost every day.

So what happens when the internet goes away? What do you do when you have no access to the world wide network?

Not only did I have to recently ask myself those same questions, I had to deal with the dilemma of having no internet access.

I do 100% of my work through the internet, so last night when the power to my home went out, I had no way to get my work done. No e-mail. No instant messaging. No web access at all. Nothing.

When the internet is unavailable to us, we have to resort to "primitive" methods of work. Instead of writing a quick e-mail to say "thank you," we have to pick up the phone and dial a few numbers. Instead of instantly reading the top news headlines from all over the world, we have to pick up a newspaper and check what news events have been happening over the past few days.

The internet is not only a valuable resource for networking, it's a necessity to life. Think about it.

Imagine what your life would be like if the internet ceased to work. Would you feel comfortable with the methods you would have to use in order to do the same things you did when the internet was available?

The truth is that access to the internet is becoming more and more easily available. With technology like Apple's iPhone, and satellite internet services, almost everyone can access the internet from almost anywhere.

But there will be times when the internet isn't available to you. There is a very real possibility that the internet just won't be there at all.

So what do you do? How will you get your work done? How will you let your friends know about your plans?

Right now is the time to think about those questions. Right now is the time to have a plan. Obviously losing the internet isn't the end of the world - in fact, it's often a much needed break to go to the park or clean around the house or office - but it will impact your life.

So start thinking, how would your life change if the internet "went down," and what would you do differently?