September 26, 2007

"A rundown of some of the more interesting online news."

What's new? In terms of the internet: a lot. Some interesting things have been happening online lately, so I've got a rundown of some of the more interesting online news for the past few days.

• Bloggers looking to get heaps of traffic to their website rejoiced with the release of BlogRush, an automated traffic exchange blogroll.

• A new study reports that Americans can go without sex longer than the internet. Just another step closer to Internetitus becoming a legal disease.

• On Monday rumors began stirring around about Google launching a virtual world similar to the infamous Second Life online world.

• Fans of Microsoft's Live search can expect to see something similar to Google's universal search (searching images, videos, websites, blogs, etc. all at the same time with one search query) when Microsoft adds universal search to Live search.

• And finally, while it doesn't pertain exactly to internet news, it's a great blog post and will definitely have influence over the internet in oncoming years... I'm talking about the 11 trends that define logo design in 2007.