September 20, 2007

"The top movers and shakers of search engine optimization."

When Thomas Edison began working on building the first light bulb some people thought he was crazy.

After hundreds of failed attempts at successfully harnessing the power of electricity, Edison was quickly making a name for himself as a mover and shaker of innovation and technology.

No matter where you go or what you do, there will always be movers and shakers like Edison - those people who decide to break the boundaries of regular thinking. They are those who inspire us to become better than we are. They are those who, despite ridicule and even praise, are determined to change the world.

In the rapidly growing field of search engine optimization, there are a select few who are making an tremendous impact on the world of search optimization and marketing. So I present to you today, the top movers and shakers of search engine optimization. In no specific order.

Tadeusz Szewczyk. Tad, as he likes to be called, offers search engine optimization for the new age. Search engine optimization 2.0 is Tad's ranting grounds where he presents inspirational, informative, and ground-breaking information into the world of online marketing and SEO.

Shana Albert. Shana has been actively participating on the SEO playground known as Sphinn for a while now. A lot of the articles she submits become "hot" and get on the front page within no time. She's got a fun, innovative approach to online marketing and networking, and she really knows how to make any community shine.

Sebastian. Sebastian is quickly making a name for himself in the SEO community. His helpful approach to new search engine topics easily catches the attention of many, and his approach to blogging is both unique and innovative.

Lyndon Antcliff. Lyndon is definitely one of the most recognized SEO Sphinners to date. Always on the look out for new and ground-breaking information, Lyndon is definitely someone to keep an eye on over the next few years.

Maki. Maki is the writer for DoshDosh, an incredibly interesting blog about SEO and all things marketing, and networking. Maki's fresh approach to content and invigorating outlook on search engines makes for a great read that you do not want to miss.

Aaron Wall. I've had a few run-ins with Aaron before, but despite our different beliefs Aaron remains a strong, prominent leader in the SEO field. His website and best-selling book ranks number one on all search engines for SEO book. He's definitely someone who should be looked up to when dealing with search engines.

Rand Fishkin. Rand is the number one face in search engine optimization right now. Because of his fresh, fun, and effective approach to marketing through SEOmoz, Rand has made a great image for himself. Rand has also been responsible for changing the way major press and the "outside world" looks at SEO.

There are a ton of people who are shaking the way SEO is looked at, performed, and changing, unfortunately I don't have the time - or energy - to list all of them. So take some time to check out the movers and shakers I've listed here, as they will definitely be people you won't be able to miss in the near future.