October 5, 2007

"Internet marketers are the crack addicts of the internet."

Imagine a crack addict living in the ghetto. Willing to do almost anything to get his or her next drug fix. Nothing matters to this person except for their next fix. Internet marketers are the crack addicts of the internet, willing to almost anything to get results.

At least, that's what the general misconception about internet marketers is.

The truth is that, while there are countless internet marketing drones that participate in illegal, immoral, or otherwise negative marketing techniques, there are millions of internet marketers who are devoted to helping others - rather than getting their quick fix.

Part of the common view of internet marketers in spam e-mail. While a lot of internet marketing requires e-mails to be sent to you and me, it's hardly spam. In most cases marketers are e-mailing you out of general interest of you, not themselves.

Another misconception about internet marketers is that they all want to cheat the system, force people to buy something unknowingly, or trick people into some other type of scam.

None of these aspects of internet marketing are true. At least, not for real internet marketers. How do I know this? Because I'm an internet marketer.

When I started in the internet marketing field I was put in charge of working with a giant network of hundreds of links. I spent weeks reading as much as I could about internet marketing and search engine marketing, and the majority of information I found was negative.

But then I began to undercover the truth.

Spammers, hackers, and children playing with their parent's computers, make REAL internet marketers look bad - they make them appear like crack addicts.

But they're not - WE are not.

It's time to rethink what internet marketers are, and aren't. Internet marketers are people with real jobs, doing real things to change the internet for the better. Internet marketers are not spammers, or hackers, or pre-teens looking for money. Internet marketers are not focus solely on getting what they want, regardless of anything (or anyone) else.