November 26, 2007

"Are online video websites about to be over shadowed?"

What's the deal with high definition video? It seems that no matter where you go there is always something going on about HD. The thing with HD is that it's misunderstood. You never really understand the quality until you see it for yourself.

Take, for example, this YouTube video and compare it with this video on Vimeo.

After comparing those videos, high definition suddenly seems interesting, doesn't it?

Video sharing websites like YouTube and Google Video have been the face for online videos for a while now, allowing people to share and view videos. But YouTube and similar video websites have been ignoring high definition video capabilities, making their websites below what could be modern standards.

Popular video websites that do not offer high definition quality video begs the question to be asked: are online video websites about to be over shadowed? According to websites like Vimeo - which offers videos in HD - YouTube and Google Video are on the way out.

Vimeo is doing it, why can't everyone else?

Vimeo has been allowing users to share high definition videos for months now, YouTube and similar websites have not (yet).

Why hasn't YouTube, one of the most groundbreaking websites of our time gotten with the times and allowed high definition to be shared on their website?

They have the technology and funds to do so, but they haven't yet. Vimeo, on the other hand, was created by a small agency in New York. With a limited budget (I'm sure). Just a bunch of college students (or dropouts) who figured out how to get it done.

The fact that a small, standards friendly, website is well on its way to overshadowing a corporate giant like YouTube means that the web is still in a stage of rapid growth.

Video websites that we have known for the past year are already on their way out, and they are just the beginning. Blogging websites, content management software, photo sharing websites, and who knows whatever else, could be next.

You can see the changes for yourself, through high definition video online.