November 20, 2007

"Believe it or not, you are using online bookmarking services incorrectly. Use these techniques to change that."

How many times have you found something online - whether a cool website, a great video, or a funny picture - and later found yourself forgetting where you found it?

It's happened to all of us, guaranteed. The internet is full of new and useful information, interesting articles and videos, and websites that make all of us say "Wow" from time to time, but keeping track of that information and all of those incredible websites can be a struggle, right?

Bookmarks built into browsers are convenient, but only if you are always using the same computer - and chances are that you're not.

That's why online bookmarking services such as, StumbleUpon, and Reddit were created. But even using online bookmarking sites can make tracking online content a struggle.

Not only is keeping track of all of your favorite websites and online content a struggle, it can often be messy. Chances are, believe it or not, you are using online bookmarking services incorrectly. Use these techniques to change that.

Only bookmark websites and content that you really are interested in.

There is so much content on the web that it is literally impossible to explore it all. The easiest way to lose track of your favorite websites and online content is to bookmark everything and anything that looks interesting.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble in the future by not bookmarking anything that you might be interested in later.

Instead, setup two separate accounts on your favorite online bookmarking service and use one account for your absolute favorites, and another account for things you might be interested in later down the road (statistics show you most likely will want to delete it after a while if you're not greatly intrigued by it instantly).

Use more than one bookmarking website.

Using two accounts on one bookmarking website is a great idea, but the best way to track all of the content you are coming across daily is to use several different bookmarking websites for different categories of content.

For example: I use to bookmark everything related to design, whether it's resources or really great designs. I use Digg and Reddit for quirky, fun, and gaming-related content, such as funny news articles, game reviews, etc. And I use StumbleUpon for design and internet marketing content, like blogs I like and great search engine marketing articles.

This way, if you recall a category for something you are trying to find online again, you can go to the bookmarking service you use for that category and find what you're looking for much easier than if you were to browse through one bookmarking account with hundreds of bookmarked websites.

Add tags to all of the content you bookmark.

All online bookmarking services allow you to add "tags" or "labels" to content when you bookmark it. Doing so sounds like an obvious good idea, but a lot of people - and most likely yourself - don't add tags to their bookmarks.

One of the main reasons people don't add tags or labels to their bookmarks is because they don't know what to put there. That's why you need to remember: they are YOU'RE bookmarks, so put whatever you want as a tag or label. If the website is clearly about milkshakes, putting "milkshakes" as a tag wouldn't be a bad idea.

Tags can dramatically increase your ability to easily, and efficiently track online content that you bookmark. Not adding tags to bookmarked content is a critical error that can lead to a lot of headaches in the future.

Do your best to follow these techniques when bookmarking your favorite content online and you'll be well on your way to successful online bookmarking. And, hopefully, a lot of the content you want to find in the future will be easily accessible to you.

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