November 28, 2007

"Break out of the blogging mold and make your blog one of the best on the web."

Have you ever discovered a blog that looked interesting, only later to find out that all of it's articles and content were extremely boring or just a clone of another blog?

There are millions upon millions of different blogs out there on the internet, but the majority of them are boring or just copy content from other blogs. And, even though you may be trying your hardest to avoid being like those blogs, your blog is probably no different.

But there is something you can try to break out of the blogging mold and make your blog one of the best on the web.

You can stop thinking so hard when blogging, and just write. The purpose of blogging was, initially, to keep a record of your thoughts and opinions. And that purpose is what made blogging such a huge phenomenon around the world.

So stay true to the purpose of blogging, quit worrying about how many people are visiting your blog, or how much money you can make from advertising, or how popular your blog is on social networking websites.

Be daring and adventurous, just write whatever you want to say, and you'll create something people will really want to read everyday.

There are literally millions of blogs about cats, and food, and cars, and gadgets, and cartoons, and news headlines. But there are absolutely NO other blogs on the internet about your opinion.

Sure, the things you write about may be covered by thousands of other blogs, but none of those blogs will have your unique, daring opinion attached to them.

When you stop writing for your own sake and start focusing on revenue or traffic you're losing the unique touch that would make - or break - your blog.

Your blog doesn't have to be a clone of other blogs. Your content doesn't have to be boring. Stop thinking so hard, and just write. Do it.

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