November 15, 2007

"The top six unbelievably addicting flash games to help you waste your day."

It's Thursday morning, you're sitting at work or home reading through the latest headlines, just one more day and then it's the weekend. But you need a little fun now, not in two days. That's why you've come to Internet Hunger.

You deserve to take a little break, why not? And because you deserve a break, I've gone ahead and rounded up the top six unbelievably addicting flash games to help you waste your day.

Sit back, relax, make sure nobody is around to bother you, turn your speakers down a bit, and take a look at these unbelievably addicting flash games:

6. Shuffle - A full screen, drag-and-release game that pits you against the computer. Great if you only have a few minutes to take a break. Your goal is to hit your balls into your opponents balls and have them get knocked off the board - without getting all of yours knocked off of the board.

5. Boomshine - A simpler, calming game than most, it's your responsibility to set off a chain reaction to get a high score. There's not really much more too it. You click, things explode.

4. The Last Stand - What's better than fighting off a massive army of flesh eating zombies? Doing it online. At first The Last Stand is difficult to get use to, but once you do you'll be coming back for more and more.

3. Line Rider - Before you even start to play with Line Rider, make sure you have plenty of time to waste. This game has been known to cause employees to miss deadlines and students to forget about final exams. In Line Rider you draw a 2D path using a pencil, then you click a "play" button and watch as a tiny animated man rides the path you have drawn on his sled.

2. Desktop Tower Defense - Warning: Desktop Tower Defense is extremely addicting. It's basically a game where you "protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for them to follow." It's one you have to try.

1. Bloxors - By using the arrow keys on your keyboard, make a block fall through a hole. It's not nearly as easy as it sounds, and that's what makes Bloxors addicting. I guarantee you will be going at this for hours.

What are you waiting for? Start wasting your time by indulging yourself in these addicting games!