January 1, 2008

"The biggest, best, and most important social networking moments of 2007."

That's it.

The year 2007 is officially nomore, but that doesn't mean we can't look back at some of the biggest, best, and most important social networking moments of 2007 and learn a thing or two.

So, for your entertainment - and education - here are just a few moments from 2007 that will go down in social networking, and all things internet, history.

Originally created for use as a linking network for close college students, Facebook turns into a $1 billion dollar service. Sure, millions and millions college students are the primary audience of Facebook, but after only a few months Facebook has become the network for professionals and students alike. Click here to read more about Facebook making it big.

Facebook may be making students and lots of professionals happy, but this year internet marketers and search engine optimizers got a taste of the good life as well, with the launch of the social network for internet marketers: Sphinn. You can click here to read more about how Sphinn made 2007 the year for internet marketing.

While new social networks like Sphinn began popping up in 2007, one of the most popular social networks of all time, Digg.com gets a price tag of $300 million dollars. What's that mean for the founders of Digg? A potential profit of millions. What's that mean for you? Absolutely nothing. But it still makes for a great read, so click here and learn more about Digg.com's million dollar pricetag.

Sure, $300 million dollars may seem like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things only one social network really kicked every other one in the year 2007. Of course we're talking about YouTube. This year, YouTube - king of all video content, ever - honored they're top celebrities, goofballs, and family videos in the 2007 YouTube Video Awards. Go ahead and click here to read more about The 2007 YouTube Video Awards.

If video content isn't your thing, but browsing random website on the internet is, you'll surely remember when eBay purchased StumbleUpon. Click here to read more about how eBay stormed the StumbleUpon HQ.

2007 was a pretty exciting year for internet users everywhere, and 2008 is already showing a lot of exciting potential for social networking, internet marketing, and online advertising. What better way to stay up-to-date on all things internet-related than to subscribe to Internet Hunger for the year? You won't be disappointed. And if you register right now to receive updates via e-mail (using the form to the right) you will automatically be entered to win a free SEO consultation for your website or blog!