January 3, 2008

"Part of the free SEO consultation you could win from Internet Hunger is keyword marketing."

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An SEO consultation for your website or blog means an increase in traffic, an increase in online authority, and a possible increase in sales, as well as many more benefits that will drastically improve your website or blog. It doesn't matter how long you've had your website or blog, and it doesn't matter if you're a professional or not, a search engine optimization consultation can help your website grow.

One aspect of a consultation to optimize any website for search engines, and part of the free SEO consultation you could win from Internet Hunger, is keyword marketing. If you aren't already aware: keywords are the words that people typically type into a search engine when searching for something specific.

There are two types of keywords - or keyphrases - that search engine optimizers and marketers work with, known as "long tail" and "short tail" keywords - or keyphrases. Long tail keywords and keyphrases are extremely specific, whereas short tail keywords and keyphrases are very broad. For example: "King Salmon fishing in Kenai, Alaska" would be considered long tail, while "Salmon fishing" would be considered short tail.

Any great webmaster needs to optimize their website so that people searching for both long tail and short tail keywords or keyphrases will find their site.

The trick to keywords and phrases is that there are millions of websites that might already have a short tail keyword or phrase (a quick search on Google for the keyword "internet" returns 2,640,000,000 web pages), but only a few websites will have a specific long tail keyword or phrase (searching for "internet marketing, seo, and web design blog" on Google only returns 357,000 webpages). So marketing your website for long tail keywords is a great way to boost your website or blog's ranking and traffic - if only slightly.

Instead of optimizing and marketing your website for a variety of broad keywords, optimizing it for more-precise keywords and phrases can really benefit your website and how people find it through search engines.

But how, exactly, do you find what keywords and keyphrases to optimize your website for? And once you find the right keywords and phrases to use, how do you optimize your website for them?

Instead of trying to figure it out - and do it all - on your own, you can enter the Internet Hunger free SEO consultation contest!

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