January 28, 2008

"You should stop blogging right now if..."

There are millions of dead blogs floating around the internet. And every minute you spend reading this blog, another blog joins the blog graveyard as the blogger decides it just wasn't right for him or her.

What about you and your blog? Is blogging right for you? Maybe, and maybe not. Here are a few signs that you weren't made for blogging. That's right, you should stop blogging right now if...

1. 99% your traffic comes from searches for unrelated terms.
2. Every post on your blog starts with: "Before you click away...".
3. All of your blog posts are nothing more than efforts to get traffic.
4. The ratio of actual content to advertisements is 1/20.
5. Your last name rhymes with "Pow".
6. Most of your blog posts have nothing to do with a similar topic.
7. Even though you know you need to use spell check, you never do.
8. Your idea of marketing involves dinner at your parents house.
9. You don't keep up with the latest buzz in your niche.
10. Stepping away from the computer is a chore.
11. You apologize after each break you take from posting.
12. Your blog posts are just reiterations of other blog posts.
13. Blogging is your way of coping with stress.
14. You blog just to be "popular".
15. Blogging has become a chore.
16. You have animated buttons on your website.
17. Each blog post is like an essay, and less like a blog post.
18. You think the internet is a series of tubes.
19. You don't practice what you preach on your blog.
20. The content on your blog is useless to everyone, especially your future self.

Rather than looking at this list as a few things to fuel you - or someone you know - to stop blogging, look at it as a list for improvement. If you match any of the things listed, take action now to improve your blogging.

There are already enough dead blogs out there, not enough remarkable ones.


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