March 20, 2008

"My new best friend: Google webmaster tools"

The problem with having a day job that is separate from your freelance job is that I miss out on a lot of things. One thing I have been virtually running away from over the past year has now become a valuable resource for me, and it's a resource I strongly recommend any webmaster use.

Of course I'm talking about my new best friend: Google webmaster tools.

For those webmasters/bloggers who aren't aware: Google provides some interesting tools - directly from their website - that allow webmasters access to information such as: what the Google bot sees when it crawls your website for Google, how many links are coming into your website (and where they direct to), and a few other little treats.

I'll admit it: I've been an idiot or the past year, all because I felt like I didn't need to use the webmaster tools Google provides. I was so very wrong.

The reason it's valuable to you as a webmaster or blogger to use the tools Google provides for you is because Google reports EXACTLY what Google knows about your website. If there is a problem with a page on your site or blog and Google can't put that page in the search results, you're missing out on traffic and potential revenue/sales/subscribers; but with the webmaster tools, you can actually see if any page on your website is broken.

With the webmaster tools you can get a report card (sort of) from Google about your website on a daily basis. It's incredible! And did I mention that Google provides the tools to all webmasters for free? It takes one minute to sign up and verify your website (either by uploading a file to your server, or typing in a META tag).

Don't be an idiot like I have been over the past year, sign up to use Google's webmaster tools. Trust me: you will realize how important it is to do this within five minutes of signing up.


Manizesto said...

Very nice tool. Thanks for the heads up!

Margo said...

Interesting post! Happy Easter!