April 3, 2008

"Until Internet Hunger comes back full force..."

No, Internet Hunger is not dead. No, I am not dead. No, the blog isn't going away. I have been extremely busy with my other blog: Creative Something. If you want more internet goodness, I suggest reading the following blogs until Internet Hunger comes back full force:

  • Social Desire.

  • DoshDosh.

  • SEO by the Sea.

  • Seo 2.0.

  • 97th Floor.

  • SEOptimise.

  • Beanstalk.

    TheNanny612 said...

    I'm sure I speak for all your readers when I say we will miss you until you come back full force. I totally understand your reasons for your absence. I haven't been writing as often either these days.... just not enough hours in the day for it all.

    Anonymous said...
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    onreact.com said...

    Creative Something look cool. Sell this one as long as it's still hot.