July 20, 2007

"HEO - or, Human Engine Optimization. Websites optimized for you and me."

There are currently an estimated 6 billion users on the internet in our day and age.* Practically 99% of the entire world population is online. Sharing pictures, posting to blogs, meeting friends, downloading music, and whatever else it is people do online.

Today I would like to talk about the most important of all of those 6 billion users - you. You are number one out of 6 billion users, and that makes you pretty important. Yes you. Reading this right this very second, I'm talking to you.

Out of the billions of websites on the internet, none are more important than the ones you like - because, remember, you are user number one out of 6 billion. Nothing is more important than what you say. And there is nothing cooler than what you bookmark through your browser or through social bookmarking sites - such as Delicious, Digg, or StumbleUpon.

But why is it that the websites you like are the best ones in the entire world? Because you think they are. That's why.

Let me explain.

I call it HEO - or, Human Engine Optimization. Websites optimized for you and me. The kind of websites that are designed in a way that they are easy to use, welcoming, and make you go back for more.

Obviously every webmaster wants their website to be HEO friendly, but most don't know how to do it - when it's very simple to figure out. All they have to do is make a website you like. Make a website you can easily work around, and make it one that you wouldn't mind visiting a thousand times a day. Design it for the most important internet user in the entire world.

It's too easy to focus on dollar sign numbers these days. But if you want your website to be as successful as the other major sites out there - do what they do, watch why people are drawn to them. It's because they focus on the human engine. They use techniques and provide information and services that appeal to the majority of 6 billion internet users. You can do the same.

The next time you find a website that really gets your attention, take a close look at what they're doing to get you interested. And mimic it in your own website or blog. It's never been easier to create a great website that will bring a lot of people together. And as the internet grows and expands, I think we'll be hearing a lot more about HEO and how successful it can make your website.

It's the weekend and I won't be posting any updates, but I'll be back on Monday with some great news and articles for you. See you then!