July 19, 2007

"If you're not on the bandwagon yet, you should seriously consider hopping on right about now."

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a growing field, not a dying one as others would have you believe. In-fact, I would even say that search engine optimization is still in it's crawling phase, and we're going to see a lot of changes and growth in the field within the next 15 years. If you're not on the bandwagon yet, you should seriously consider hopping on right about now.

Every business that has the power to be online is quickly discovering the power of optimizing for search engines like Google and Yahoo. Even major corporations are beginning to realize the power of search engines and - even though they hardly need it - they are optimizing themselves online to reap the benefits associated with the number one spot on a Google, Yahoo, or MSN search. We're talking giant fortune companies, the ones with millions of millions of dollars invested in their websites, getting interested in optimization.

When giant companies, who gained billions of links over the past thirty years - without the thought of SEO even existing mind you - are focusing more attention on optimizing their websites for SEO, you know it's a good sign that the field isn't going anywhere but up.

Search traffic is amounting to a huge percentage of visitors, and that percentile is growing almost every single day. The only foreseeable future is a growth in SEO and marketing. By optimizing your website for those visitors, you're going to increase your ranking on the search engine results page, and you are going to boost your business by an incredible amount.

Even with the introduction of mobile web, search engine optimization is only growing stronger. There are millions of cell phone users who use search engines on their mobile phones to find content. With the introduction of the Apple iPhone and rich HTML viewing on a mobile phone, SEOs are finding ways to appeal directly to cell phone users who can now browse the full, unaltered web from anywhere.

The field of search engine optimization isn't going anywhere. In-fact, I'd state that within 15 years it will become a huge industry, and almost every single person will know about it. So, if you haven't considered optimizing your website - or looking for someone who can help you do it - I'd suggest you get started now. Take a look at these great websites for more information on SEO, what it is, how to get involved, and other valuable resources:

• Seattle-based SEO company, SEOmoz, serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide, providing education, tools, resources and paid services.

• Tips about internet search engines and search engine submission through Search Engine Watch.

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