August 30, 2007

"If you don't have great, well written content on your website, you shouldn't have a website."

The success of a website consists of 20% design and 80% content. If you don't have great, well written content on your website, you shouldn't have a website.

But how do you write great content for your website or blog?

First you need to define what great content is in regards to your website visitors. If your website is about cooking, for example, your visitors will most likely define great content as new recipes, a twist on old recipes, and reviews of foods that aren't normally reviewed. What would your visitors expect to find when they come to your website?

Once you know what visitors would expect from your website you can begin to write truly great content. Start writing.

When writing your content, view it as if you were not the webmaster, but as if you were a visitor viewing the content for the first time. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate your content:

• Is the content easy to read?

• Is the content what you were hoping to find when you searched or the website?

• If you visited the website every day would the content get boring, or would it still peak your interest at times?

• Does the content sound artificial - does it sound fake when you read it aloud?

Remember to answer these questions as if you were a visitor to your website as you write your content. By evaluating your visitors expectations and then viewing your content from your eyes, you are well on your way to writing great content.

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