August 22, 2007

"Take a revolutionary - yet debatable - approach to content management, use Twitter."

Managing content on a website is important. Making sure your website is updated regularly to keep your visitors coming back is vital to your website's success.

You could spend money on a content management system for your website, or you could take a revolutionary - yet debatable - approach to content management, use Twitter.

If you don't know, Twitter is a "global community of friends and strangers" that allows users to post small, 140 character updates to a personalized account (eg. Updates can be made via the web, cellphone, or from an instant messaging service.

How can you use Twitter to your personal website's advantage? It's extremely simple. Here's how:

You'll need a Twitter account. If you don't have one yet, sign-up for an account. It's free, easy, and doesn't require a handful of information. I would recommend signing up with a username and information related directly to your website. While the Twitter page you get won't be very important to your content management, it is important in case your site visitors find your account randomly.

Once you've got your account, you should take a few minutes to look around. Figure out how to update, how to enable your cell phone and IM services, and how to customize your Twitter page.

After you've figured things out, go to your account's bades page. Select the "other" option to create a custom content system for your personal website. Once the page loads, select the "HTML/JavaScript" option to get started.

If you don't have any HTML or CSS knowledge, Twitter makes it easy to customize your badge. Simply setup the badge to resemble your website (colors, titles, fonts, etc.) and then copy the code Twitter gives you.

Place the code you copied from Twitter onto your personal website elsewhere and viola! You have an easy to use, easy to update from anywhere, content system for your website!

You can update your website's content by logging into your Twitter account and posting an update. The information you post onto Twitter will automatically transfer over to your website. It's that easy!

An obvious downside to this system is that your updates will only be a maximum of 140 characters. Not so great for news, but great for a small tidbit update for your visitors.

So there you have it. A revolutionary, easy to use, completely free, way to update content on your website.

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