August 21, 2007

"If you stop working, and focus on anything but work, you'll get more done. Really."

It's one of the biggest kept secrets in the world. Yet you have problem heard it before. It is the answer to a lot of problems, and anyone can do it. It doesn't cost a penny and yet, it can help you make millions. Are you ready for this incredible secret? Because I'm going to tell you - right now - what it is. The secret is to stop.

Right now. Whatever major project you're worrying about, whatever big presentation you have due, whatever it is that you are working on: just stop. If you stop working, and focus on anything but work, you'll get more done. Really. Here's how:

When your mind becomes focused on one task - or one project - it begins to only see things from one perspective. While working on one website, or one aspect of a website, your mind will only see things from that perspective. You'll be, in a way, bias in your own thinking. It happens to everyone, it's human nature.

Try to remember a time when you were focusing on something - a homework assignment, a strategy for your business, a homepage for a website, etc. - and after a while your brain felt completely drained. No unique ideas would flow into your project. You became stuck. No matter how hard you thought, no matter how many cups of coffee you drank, and no matter how many times you doodled that same cartoon face on a napkin, you couldn't get anything done. You may be experiencing that right now with a project.

This is where the big secret comes into play. You need to just stop. If only for five minutes, stop. Don't worry about the impending deadlines or final grade. Stop, step back, and think about something else. Play a game, talk to co-workers, go outside (or if you're already outside, go inside). It's a way to reboot your thinking process and will be more beneficial to you than if you sit and stare at a blank computer screen.

When your mind starts doing different things than what it has been doing, it begins to process activity different. If you were working on a website for a consulting agency, but couldn't find any ideas for a website header, go for a drive. Perhaps you'll see a street sign and realize how perfect a street sign would be for a header on a consulting agency website. Or maybe you have to think up unique link bait ideas for your business. Stop thinking about it and go throw a frisbee around. Maybe you'll think of how to incorporate a digital frisbee that bloggers can "throw" back and forth.

When they say "inspiration is everywhere" they mean it. It just takes you stopping whatever it is your focusing on to realize all of the potential ideas you need are right in front of you.

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