August 20, 2007

"Your website is just like every other one. Boring and unoriginal. Here's how to change that."

Is your website pathetic? Chances are, your website is just like every other one. Boring and unoriginal. Here's how to change that.

The internet is full of websites that are just like yours. What makes yours original? What makes you think your website is going to stand out in the crowd? What makes your website memorable?

Too often we get caught up with the changing tide of the internet. What is popular at the time is what we decide we should follow.

Major businesses become obsessed with the idea that they need to maintain that "professional" appeal to their online visitors if they want to make a sale. Bloggers feel obligated to follow a strict layout or content form in order to get readers. Designers focus on looking modern and accessible.

And, while these tactics are useful at times, they're not breaking the mold. They're boring and unoriginal. They're the reason your website is pathetic.

So how do you change your website from being a pathetic clone into an innovative, trend setter? You get silly.

Being goofy or just fun - even when trying to maintain a strict professional appearance - is what sets businesses, blogs, and websites apart. Companies like Connected Ventures are breaking the mold and revolutionizing the internet.

Don't make your website boring and unoriginal. It's ok to break out of the norm and get a little goofy.

The best ways to come up with great, silly ideas for your website is to do the complete opposite of what's expected. Instead of making your blog look like a blog, make it look like a fast food franchise website. Instead of focusing on what your business has done in the past (a portfolio) predict the future through out the entire website.

Get silly.

If you're hard up for silly ideas, look out your window and the first thing that captures your attention, incorporate it into your website. Don't ask me how, just do it. Go crazy.

Your website is pathetic, but by getting a little silly, not being afraid to break the mold, and getting out there, you can change that.