November 6, 2007

"The future of all social networking and social media websites right now. Say hello to BuzzFeed."

Like everything before it, the internet is changing. And with it new doors (or should I say "websites") are opening up.

In the years between 2004 and now, the internet saw an explosion of new websites. These new websites used new technology and new ideas to influence the future of the internet as we know it. "Social networking" began.

We are seeing the future of all social networking and social media websites right now. Say hello to BuzzFeed. (Warning: contains some content not suitable for children).

"The web is a 24/7 popularity contest. We help the good stuff win." claims Using "technology and human editors to find the hottest buzz on the web" BuzzFeed allows users to find, promote, and rank their favorite news stories and articles, or "buzz."

Websites such as,, and, have been letting users find and rank internet buzz for years now, but not in such a simplistic, easy-to-use way as BuzzFeed.

Not only have they taken a simplistic approach to internet buzz, they have also re-created online advertising, stating: "We developed a new form of PR and Advertising designed for the new networked world where consumers have the power. Instead of press releases and canned ad copy, we work with partners to amplify the voice of the most interesting bloggers, fans, journalists, and buzz makers."

The future of the internet is clearly in the users who are online everyday. The future of news, gossip, and information is in the hands of websites like BuzzFeed, who are taking great strides to expand on the technology we have already.

If you haven't already, check out BuzzFeed, and start preparing yourself for the future of social networking and media.