November 8, 2007

"How to turn your blog from a PR 0 to PR 4 in under 61 posts."

Google's PageRank is how Google determines how important and trustworthy a website is, based on a scale fro 1-10 (with one being the less important and trustworthy rank). While PageRank isn't extremely important to a website's success, it is still how Google determines the value of authority for a website.

It typically takes a lot of time and even more hard work to increase a website's PageRank from 0 to a higher number, but Internet Hunger was able to go from a PageRank of 0 to a PageRank of 4 in just four months.

How did I do it?

That's what todays post is all about: I'm going to tell you how to turn your blog from a PR0 to PR4 in under 61 posts.

Plan goals and plan, plan, plan.

Before I started Internet Hunger I had a lot of ideas of things to write about (you shouldn't have a blog if you don't have a lot of things to write about in the first place). I knew what I wanted to write about and I knew how I would make my blog unique (serving up delicious internet news and information), but the real secret to success with any blog is good planning.

Before I started posting to Internet Hunger I sat down and thought of some goals I would like to see with my blog. I had a goal for what I wanted to rank for in an online search, I had a goal for a Technorati authority value, I had a goal for how many posts I would make in a day, etc.

Even if your goals aren't achievable for a year, keeping goals in mind with each post will help you focus, and eventually become successful.

Write about other people. A lot.

One of the first Internet Hunger posts ever is still one of the most widely discussed: "Sphinn is basically a popularity contest."

The post is still mentioned on countless other websites and even bigger blogs, simply because I stated my feelings on something (and other people) who are "more popular" than I.

I also interviewed Rand Fishkin, James Huggins, and a few others in the early days of Internet Hunger.

By focusing on other, more important and widely known people in your niche you appeal to them. Those people are already getting attention, so why not let some of that attention rub off on you and your blog?

Be unique.

How many blogs do you know that mix food with internet marketing, web design, SEO, and blogging? My guess is: not many.

Better yet: have you ever seen a Matt Cutts action figure? Didn't think so.

Being unique will peak people's interest in your blog. Be daring, try something new, go all out. As an example: the Matt Cutts action figure brought my blog almost 300x more traffic than any other article.

A unique blog about unique things isn't always necessary, as long as your content is unique and from your own perspective you can't go wrong.

Love what you do.

Finally: don't blog for any reason other than expressing your thoughts and feelings. If you're blogging for money, you will fail. If you are blogging because your boss suggested that you do: quit now.

Your feelings come across in your writings, and if you're writing great, unique articles every day your blog will grow at an unbelievable rate.

Having a high PageRank, being on the Technorati top 100, having millions of subscribers, and anything else that "ranks" your blog isn't a huge deal. Sure, it's nice to see thousands of new visitors reading what YOU have to say, and all of the previously mentioned things help that, but when it comes down to it...

Blog about things you love, whenever you can, however often you can.

There is no greater secret to a successful blog than this advice.

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