December 19, 2007

"Debunking the myth of not being able to make a big blog through platforms like Blogger."

It has been said that free blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, cannot be used to create a professional blog; meaning: anyone who blogs through Blogger or similar platforms are not real bloggers, and they could never create a big enough blog to make a living from that blog.

Let's address why anyone who believes blogs on Blogger or similar platforms are wrong, and why you shouldn't think any less of blogs that use free platforms. Today, we're debunking the myth of not being able to make a big blog through platforms like Blogger.

Regardless of platforms, a blog is a blog.

Some people feel that blogs being hosted on platforms like Blogger are void of some of the features of other blogging software.

While there may be some disadvantages to blogging with free blogging platforms, all of the basics necessities are there, and all of them work exactly the same as with any other blogging platform. It doesn't matter if the blog is being hosted for free, or on a private domain: a blog is still a blog.

There is still a way to add custom content - including images, articles, videos, etc., commenting is still there, customization of the blog's layout is there, and anything else you can think of being in blogging software is available for free through Blogger and WordPress and other free blogging platforms.

Ultimately it doesn't matter where or how a blog is being hosted: it is still a blog and can still be extremely useful.

Don't be a blogging "racist".

If you have ever heard the saying: "Don't judge a book by a cover", you'll know that you cannot accurately judge a person based on their appearance. Similarly, you should not judge a blog based on where - or how - it's being hosted.

The value of any blog should ultimately be determined by the quality of the content that blog provides. Who cares if the blogger has invested hundreds of dollars in hosting the blog, or none? If the blog is providing great, valuable content, it shouldn't matter.

Blogs like Fake Steve Jobs and 24 Boxes at Blogger, and Strange Maps over at WordPress, are proving that blogs on free blogging platforms can be just as big and just as professional as non-free hosted blogs.

So the next time you're looking at a blog, don't judge it based on what software it's using or how it's being hosted. Read around the content, read what other people are saying about it, and then make your decision.

And who knows, maybe if you have a free hosted blog you, too, could turn it into a professional blog.

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