December 20, 2007

"It may not end world hunger, but including these things in your website will make your website better."

How would you like to feel like an idiot, and at the same time stop world hunger?

FreeRice will allow you to do just that. And, while the idea is nothing new - do something simple, promote a great cause - the method behind FreeRice is.

When you visit you'll be presented with a word, ranging from "horseplay" to "somnambulate", and then asked to select another word from a list that best describes the first. Each time you get a word right, FreeRice will donate 20 grains of rice though the United Nations to help end world hunger.

FreeRice has done something interesting here: not only do visitors to the website feel like they're making a difference in the world and helping to end world hunger, but they are also learning new words as they go along.

It's a win-win situation for visitors.

It's even more of a win situation for webmasters.

FreeRice is the perfect example of what any website should be. On any website, there should be: a call to action, something visitors to the website can benefit - or learn - from, and results that visitors can see.

Regardless of the original purpose of your website, everything FreeRice has, your website should have... not literally, of course.

Your website needs to have a call to action. If you're trying to sell your design services, tell your visitors that they NEED to get a new design right now. If you're trying to educate visitors, make it clear that your visitors need to read and learn from what you have to say.

Your website needs to offer something that all visitors can benefit or learn from. Whether it's new knowledge, services, or just something useful that you're selling. Don't have a website just for the sake of having a website - unless you don't care whether or not nobody ever sees it - give it purpose by offering something to all of your visitors.

And lastly, your website needs to show results of what you're offering to visitors. Whether it's how great your design services are, personal experience, or how many people are subscribed to your blog feed, you need some type of results for whatever you're giving your visitors.

It may not end world hunger, but including these things in your website will make your website better. Just like FreeRice.