December 5, 2007

"Write something that is unbelievably great for your blog, something nobody will ever forget."

Running a blog is harder than it sounds at first. The biggest problem with maintaining a blog use to be finding something to write about on a regular basis.

That's why there are hundreds of articles about finding content to write about, writing different content, and

With all of these resources that are available to you, finding something to write about on your blog shouldn't be that hard. But the main problem with maintaining a blog isn't about finding something to write about anymore; the problem new bloggers - and probably you - are facing is about writing something unbelievably great.

To write something that is absolutely great for your blog, something nobody will ever forget, you have to know the process of writing incredible content. Fortunately, just like finding something to write about, there are ways.

Draw the line.

The first step to writing an unbelievably great article for your blog is to draw the line that separates "regular" content from "great" content. In order to draw the line between average, bland articles and unbelievably great articles, you have to first determine what your intended audience has already read, and what they would take time out of their day to read.

One way you can do this is to find other blogs in your niche and dig through their archives. Find out what has been covered and what hasn't. Or, if digging through thousands of articles for topics doesn't interest you, doing a quick search on Google for a topic can return great results.

As an example, when I was thinking of writing this post I originally was going to write about "how to find something to write about on your blog" but, as I found a ton of articles already about the subject on a Google search, I changed topics before I started writing.

It's not hard to find out what resources are already available for your readers, and what sources aren't. All you have to do is do a little searching. Then, when you've discovered what topics have already been covered and which ones haven't, you can have an idea of what to write about that would be classified as "great."

Write from your own experience.

One of the major problems most bloggers face with writing great articles is that they
write about things that they have never experienced or tried. If you're going to write a post about "how to write great blog article" you have better have tried the techniques for your own blog.

Your readers will, firstly, be able to tell if you're writing really great content based on your own experience, or if you're just writing an article to get attention. The best articles in the blog world are articles written by authors who experienced something that their readers could benefit from learning.

Learn from their example - and experiences - and write from your own experience about a topic that is over the line and great.

Don't write about things you don't care about.

Writing from your own experiences will benefit your readers, but the real key to writing great articles for your blog is to try.

Too many bloggers go through the motions of writing content without actually putting any heart into what they're writing. Typing words, putting in tags, publishing posts and marketing what they have published is how 85% of all bloggers blog.

Does it work? Sure it does. But those bloggers aren't the ones on the top of blog lists and search engines.

The bloggers who determine what is average content and what is great content, who write from their own experiences about topics that have yet to be covered, and who put heart and a lot of effort into their posts, are creating unbelievably great content.

And you can too.

Don't waste any time starting on writing great content either, get started right now. You'll notice a change to your writing, as well as your blogs traffic, almost immediately.

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