January 8, 2008

"Five undeniable facts about internet marketing and how it relates to politics."

So you want to know what politics and internet marketing have in common? Some may think of internet marketing and politics as necessary evils, while others understand the importance and value of one or the other, or both. No matter how you look at internet marketing, and no matter how political you are, here are five undeniable facts about internet marketing and how it relates to politics.

Both are built on social relations.

Politics rely heavily on relationships between politicians and the general public, while internet marketing relies on relationships between the marketers and online socialites.

Because their success relies heavily on social relationships, internet marketers, similar to politicians, who don't know how to be extremely social with the people they are working with are doomed from the start. There is no way a political or online marketing campaign will be successful without the support of the people.

I wouldn't be able to market this blog without the help of my readers and subscribers, similarly: the United States could not have a President without the help of the citizens.

Both require strategic planning.

In order to get people on your their side, internet marketers and politicians have to spend a lot of money - and even more time - researching and planning (and occasionally lying).

There is a lot of time and often money that must be invested in order to build relationships, find a niche, address issues, find solutions, etc. etc.

Not once has anyone ever decided to run an online marketing, or political, campaign and instantly found success. Some people got lucky with an idea, and some people may have known how to interact with people, but nobody has ever found instant success in a political or internet marketing campaign.

Both can be approached differently.

Another reason both political campaigns and internet marketing campaigns require so much planning and research is because there are multiple ways each could be approached.

For example: some people believe that a successful internet marketing campaign should be built solely on link exchanges between one website and another, while others believe that linking should be automated through quality content. Some people believe that politics should be controlled by one individual or group, while others believe it should be powered by people.

There are so many ways to run a political campaign or an internet marketing campaign, that both are often widely debated throughout the world. Which leads us to our next point...

Both could be used for good or evil.

Internet marketers have the power and ability to alter news and search engines, valuable resources of information for more than 90% of all internet users. Similarly, politicians have the power and ability to fuel wars, change laws, and destroy the world as we know it.

As a society (both online and as citizens) it's our job to make sure the politicians aren't using their power for evil, and that internet marketers aren't' spamming the system.

Both make for horrible conversations at the dinner table.

No matter how much power politicians and internet marketers have, they still are the topic of great debate when it comes to conversations at the dinner table. There is almost no way to have a decent, argument-free, conversation about politics, or internet marketing.

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