January 9, 2008

"Subscribe to get Internet Hunger updates and win a free cake!"

Win cake! How would you like to win a free cake? How about if I told you that you could win a free cake merely by clicking? Well, this is me telling you that you can win a free cake simply by clicking your mouse.

That's right. Not only could you win a free search engine optimization consultation for your website or blog, now you can win a free cake too!

All you have to do is subscribe to get Internet Hunger updates and win a free cake, shipped to your front door (or office) at no cost to you!

Internet Hunger is dedicated to feeding your need for internet goodness, whether it's the latest internet news and trends, internet marketing articles, or web design content. And now Internet Hunger is going to help you feed your need for cake too!

There is no cost, and absolutely anyone can enter. Just subscribe to Internet Hunger and enter for your chance to win a free cake.

The winner will be picked at random and announced on January 31st, the cake will be shipped once contact has been made with the winner.

*Image by Delightful Deliveries