September 3, 2008

"How does Google Chrome impact search engine optimizers and marketers?"

Google launched it's own web browser today. Now Matt Cutts just needs to write The Book of Cutts and Google can officially become a religion.

How does Google Chrome impact search engine optimizers and marketers?

It doesn't.

At least, Google Chrome doesn't have any real impact on SEOs and marketers currently. But I suspect - and I'm sure many others in the search and internet marketing industry have as well - that Google will quickly implement some great tools and features for marketers. Good things are ahead.

That's not all to think about. Another important thing to consider with Chrome is that it may (just maybe) be the end of visual Google PR. With the current release of Chrome, Google has decided to NOT include a Google Toolbar. No highlighting feature. No nifty bookmark features. No visible PR.

So what exactly does all of this speculation mean?!

Nothing. It's just speculation.

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