September 5, 2008

"Chrome can not only benefit Google, but also SEOs and internet marketers."

So, Google Chrome is everywhere now.

From Digg, Sphinn, and Gizmodo, to CNN, The New York Times, and Internet Hunger. When Google releases something new it is certain to make a big splash online. Yesterday I wrote about the impact Chrome will have on SEOs and internet marketers, but today I'd like to touch base on how Chrome can not only benefit Google, but also SEOs and internet marketers. That's right, I said benefit us.

So, how can Chrome help everyone out? Google can use the data (the browsing, clicking, and search habits of users) to make their search engine EVEN BETTER. For SEOs and marketers this information would be easy to look at and use to better target energetic audiences, and for Google... well, such data collection would allow Google to get their search 100% perfect. Can you imagine searching for something and having the very first result ALWAYS be exactly what you were looking for?

Granted, gathering and using such data would have to be a part of their Terms of Service agreement, and that could scare away a lot of potential users. So why not make it a feature, rather than a necessary evil?

If Google had a notification when you booted up Chrome that said something along the lines of: "Hey! We have this great new feature we would like you to try it! It will send us information about what you click on when you search and a few of your browsing habits. The information is securely sent and we will have no way to link the data back to any individual! What do you say, want to try it out and improve your internet experience?"

Would you click on the "ok, do it!" button, or would you click the "hell no!" button?

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