September 12, 2008

"People want to feel like idiots when visiting your website."

You're an idiot if you didn't know this already.

And - sorry to say - you probably didn't know this if you are reading it, right? So you're an idiot. But there is good news for all of you idiots out there: we're all idiots; at least, in some way or another.

That's why we scourer the internet, isn't it? Because we don't know something and we want to learn about it (or find an answer to a problem, or just discover something new). And when I say "We're all idiots" that includes people currently visiting (and people that may potentially visit) your website. They're looking for an answer to a problem or to learn something new.

That's why you're reading this, is it not? You want to learn something new.

Instead of repeating the same garbage that other SEO and internet marketing blogs post day after day, I'm going to post something that (hopefully) is new for you.

Ready? Here it goes: People want to feel like idiots when visiting your website.

It's true. Have you ever visited a website where all of the content was things you already knew about? Did you stay on that website for very long? I'm guessing you clicked away fairly quickly... about 3 seconds in and you were ready to go to another website.

But what about those websites where the content makes you say: "Duh! How come I didn't think of that?" or "Holy cow! I didn't know that!"? My guess is that you stayed on those websites (the ones that made you feel crazy stupid) a lot longer than the websites whose content you already knew everything about.

Making people feel like they have something to learn from your website (other than the fact that they are idiots, like you) will make them stay longer.

If you manage a blog: making people feel like their idiots is a great way to get subscribers; readers will feel like they always have something to learn from you.

So, what is your website teaching people? Are you putting content out that everybody already knows about? Or are you putting content out there that says "Hey, you're an idiot"?

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